Name: VIP Upgrade
Price: 6.00 EUR

With this Rank-Pack you will get access to:
- The /heal command (Heal yourself)
- The /feed command (Feed yourself)
- The /workbench command (Open a virtual workbench)
- The /hat command (Put any block as your hat)
- The /me command (Show a message about yourself in the chat window)
- The /prefix command (So that you can set your prefix to your timed rank)
- The /enchantingtable command (Open a virtual enchanting table)
- The /skull command (Give yourself your skull)
- The /nick command (Give yourself a nickname (non colored))
- The /repair command (Repair your tools)

You will also get:
- 1.25k IGM (One time)
- A daily kit /kit vip
- A reserved slot on the server
- The ability to set 10 homes
- 10 extra claim chunks

Keep in mind that if you purchase this, you're able to purchase VIP+ for €12.00, so you're able to buy it at a discounted price.